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Workplace Trainers Must Embrace Immersive Technologies for Greater Learning and Organizational Impact


(Alexandria, VA), December 13, 2022—Should today’s corporate learning facilitators be paying attention to the intense interest in the metaverse? Yes, would be the answer from learning and virtual training expert Cindy Huggett, author of The Facilitator’s Guide to Immersive, Blended, and Hybrid Learning (ATD Press, December 2022). Huggett is convinced that immersive learning experiences are the next frontier for upskilling facilitators and the metaverse will play an important role in the future of learning.

The Facilitator’s Guide to Immersive, Blended, and Hybrid Learning offers a fresh perspective on contemporary learning. Huggett clearly notes that today’s organizations and the learners in those organizations expect more and better learning experiences. Technology is a key component of that experience, offering trainers more opportunities to create lasting impressions and learning.

Huggett’s new book doubles down on the supposition that varied and immersive learning experiences—educational experiences that engross the learner in a realistic environment for the purposes of knowledge and skill building—drive better engagement and learning retention. It is a compelling argument and one that should shape the practice of today’s talent development practitioners.

“Immersive technologies are new for many learning professionals. That’s why this book provides the basics of technology that you need to know as a learning experience facilitator,” Huggett states. “I break down for you the important details on what is VR, what is AR, what is blended, what is hybrid, and so on. This primer will help you be familiar with the terms, the tools, and the information that you need to effectively facilitate in these new environments.”


About the Author
Cindy Huggett is a pioneer in the field of online learning with more than 20 years of experience in providing virtual training solutions and more than 30 years in the world of talent development. She’s a leading industry expert known for teaching thousands of training professionals how to design and deliver practical, engaging interactive online classes to today’s global workforce through workshops, speaking, coaching, and consulting. Cindy partners with organizations to upskill facilitators, maximize online learning design, and facilitate actionable learning solutions that meet today’s needs and leverage tomorrow’s technologies. Cindy’s previous books include Virtual Training Tools and Templates: An Action Guide to Live Online Learning; The Virtual Training Guidebook: How to Design, Deliver, and Implement Live Online Learning; and Virtual Training Basics. Cindy is a sought-after conference speaker and one of only a handful of worldwide facilitators chosen to deliver ATD’s Master Trainer and Master Instructional Designer Programs.


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The Facilitator’s Guide to Immersive, Blended, and Hybrid Learning

ISBN: 9781950496693 | 232 Pages | Paperback


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