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Hold On, You Lost Me! Use Learning Styles to Create Training That Sticks

Use Learning Styles to Create Training That Sticks

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110719_Hold On, You Lost Me! Use Learning Styles to Create Training That Sticks
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That everyone learns differently is no secret; it likely comes up in your everyday conversations with friends, peers, and colleagues. Phrases such as "I have to see it to remember it" or "I never forget a face" or "Once I hear something, I’ve got it" are probably familiar declarations of learning style to most of us.

By using an innovative, research-based teaching model known as 4MAT, Hold On, You Lost Me! pushes this common understanding to a new level by presenting a practical and easy-to-implement eight-step process for designing effective training programs.

Use Hold On, You Lost Me! to drive the gold standard of learning and increase understanding for accelerated on the job performance.

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  • ISBN: 9781562864972

  • Pages: 144

  • Publication Date: May 2007

  • Formats: Paperback, PDF

  • Product Code: 110719

About the Authors
Bernice McCarthy

Bernice McCarthy received her doctorate from Northwestern University in education and is one of the founders of the learning styles movement. She is the creator of the 4MAT Model, an innovative, research-based teaching model that is being used by organizations worldwide to improve learning effectiveness. Her teacher training has been introduced into thousands of school systems, both public and private. She has presented numerous workshops and keynote sessions on effective learning at renowned organizations, such as Northwestern University, Cornell University, Lehigh University, and the University of Houston, as well as consulted with the U.S. Navy, the Smithsonian, IKEA Furniture, the National Institute of Corrections, and the Peace Corps.

Jeanine ONeill Blackwell

Jeanine O’Neill-Blackwell understands the way training happens in the real world. She has nearly 20 years of experience as a sales trainer, corporate trainer, senior-level human resources leader, and president of a corporate university. As a partner in a school management company, she has designed and implemented large-scale, train-the-trainer initiatives. As president and CEO of 4MAT 4Business, she delivers tools, consulting, and training for leaders and trainers focused on improving learning design and implementation in organizations.

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