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Unlocking the Hidden Value of Business Video

Video has grown as businesses recognize its efficiencies and impact. Organizations use video for a variety of communications, including employee training, team communications, recruiting and onboarding, knowledge sharing, HR and benefit notifications, and town hall meetings.

But there are opportunities for expanding the use of video and incorporating tools that help organizations use it more efficiently and effectively. Right now, it’s not enough to simply use video—the next step is to maximize its value.

COVID-19’s Lasting Impact

When the COVID-19 crisis precipitated a shift to remote work, video conferencing became a necessity. Now that people have become familiar with using video and see its benefits, it’s gone mainstream.

Video allows businesses to connect to employees and clients through face-to-face interaction without the need for commuting or traveling. Screen sharing allows people to collaborate easily, and the ability to record means those who miss a meeting or would like to reference the content later have the information they need.

Extending Video’s Reach and Impact

Organizations need to look at the business needs that currently exist and embrace video solutions that solve those workplace challenges.

Being able to record, archive, share, and search video content easily and efficiently are crucial for capturing and cultivating corporate knowledge. If a streaming technology platform doesn’t have these capabilities or isn’t easy to use, the organization won’t be able to maximize its video content.

Video’s Role in Training

Organizations can also capitalize on the power of video for employee training.

Recruiting speakers to share their subject matter expertise over video can enable organizations to create archives of valuable content. Building an organization’s overall knowledge base in this way turns one-time interactions into lasting corporate assets. The key is identifying those topics and meetings that are important to distribute to a broader group.

Tools That Extend Video’s Value

We need advanced technology tools to maximize the value of video. Organizations need to house video content in one place and keep it organized. That way, their content is more secure, accessible, and discoverable.

Searching inside video content is becoming as important as using email. Tools like speech-to-text, facial recognition, on-screen captioning, and automatic chaptering will play a critical role in helping people use video and search archives to their fullest potential.

Investing in Video

Enterprise streaming platforms have an opportunity to leverage these types of tools to make video more valuable. Within organizations that have a specific budget for streaming technology platforms, workers find that the platforms make it easy to share video meeting recordings with colleagues. And the larger the budget, the more people reported that ease of use.

It’s important to use a technology platform that is secure and easy to use. That simplicity must be paired with sophisticated tools that allow users to broaden the video’s reach and impact. At this time, many organizations are in danger of underutilizing their video content. Taking steps to maximize the value of your organization’s video, such as using tools like video management platform Panopto, will enhance communications, boost efficiency, and expand business assets as you move into the future.

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