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Black Cat Bundle (For the Myth-Busting Trainer)

Have you crossed paths with training myths at work? Debunk learning lore with the Black Cat Bundle.
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Have you crossed paths with training myths at work? Debunk learning lore with the Black Cat Bundle. Evidence-Based Training Methods dissects popular training superstitions, and gives you fact-based best practices for your training programs. In More Lies About Learning, 10 executives separate training fact from fiction; their perspectives will help you start asking tough questions and maintain a healthy level of skepticism about what you hear about organizational learning. Change your learning luck and get your copies now!

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  • 9781562869748-Evidence-Based-Training-Methods-2nd-Edition
    Evidence-Based Training Methods

    Seasoned technical trainer Ruth Colvin Clark has synthesized the findings of today’s crucial learning research into a noteworthy refresher of her 2010 book. Delve into the foundational ideas of evidence-based practice and discover a clear pathway to applying best practices to the creation of your instructional products. Follow along as Clark dissects popular training myths and offers best practice guidelines. You’ll drill into the evidence on use of graphics, text, and audio and walk away with tactics for implementing two of the most powerful instructional methods associated with learning: examples and practice.

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    More Lies About Learning

    In this captivating follow-up to Lies About Learning (2006), workplace learning veteran Larry Israelite sets out to debunk today’s pervasive myths about learning in a style that will make you smile. This book shares the candid perspectives of 10 high-level executives from a wide range of industries and offers advice for how to best to deal with new lies about organizational learning.