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This Coaching and Mentoring Bundle can help any professional who wants to learn the basics of coaching and how to apply it to their professional lives. With Everyday Coaching, “Creating a Modern Mentoring Culture,” and Creating a Mentoring Program, any trainer will be well equipped. By ordering the Coaching and Mentoring Bundle, you can save 15% on the individual prices of these publications!

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  • Everyday Coaching
    Everyday Coaching

    Coaching is not just for coaches. When everybody within an organization learns and develops coaching skills, its culture begins to change. The willingness to share insights and ideas becomes accepted and expected at all levels—up, down, and across. With Everyday Coaching everyone can take the best of what coaching has to offer—the dialogue, tools, and mindset—and leverage it to transform themselves and their organization. With an easy-to-use coaching model, you can practice formally or informally giving feedback, making agreements, and guiding behavior.

  • Creating-a-Modern-Mentoring-Culture---Infoline
    Creating a Modern Mentoring Culture

    Mentoring has come a long way from the one-on-one exchange between an older mentor and younger mentee. Read this Infoline to learn modern mentoring techniques such as community, group, reverse mentoring that harness that power of technology to transfer knowledge and improve productivity.

  • 9781562868987.Creating-a-Mentoring-Program
    Creating a Mentoring Program

    Engage your employees with a mentoring program that spans across the generations.