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The Healthcare TD at Work Bundle

The Healthcare TD at Work Bundle
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Finding talent development resources in the healthcare field can be tricky—but with this bundle, all aspects are covered. With the TD at Work volumes “Coaching in Healthcare,” "Employee Engagement in Healthcare,” and “L&D in Healthcare,” anyone in the field can feel confident in their capabilities. Also, this bundle saves you 15% on the individual price of each book!

Cover all your talent development in healthcare needs and save money with the Healthcare TD at Work bundle!

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Publisher: ATD
Release Date: February 2018
Product Code: 141801

  • Included In This Product
  • Coaching in Healthcare
    In “ Coaching in Healthcare,” healthcare and coaching professionals DJ Mitsch, Mark Greenawald, and Cindi Ackrill explore how coaching can help medical personnel reframe their thinking to prevent burnout while achieving greater success in their work. The complex and changing nature of healthcare makes professional development and growth a necessity and a challenge; coaching can be key to helping healthcare professionals become curious, courageous, and energized in their pursuit of better care for patients.
  • Employee Engagement in Healthcare
    Employee Engagement in Healthcare” by Jill Christensen makes a case for employee engagement and provides a road map for assessing and improving engagement. Christensen describes the leadership traits that drive employee engagement and the elements of a successful engagement strategy.
  • L&D in Healthcare
    In “ L&D in Healthcare,” Bruno Neal and Linda Hainlen explain how the needs of the healthcare industry are dramatically different from those of other businesses, presenting unique challenges for the talent development field. Additional hurdles to designing and delivering training include the changing dynamics of healthcare—new regulations, the increasing number of individuals accessing services, and healthcare’s extremely segmented learning audience.