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The New Training Department Starter Kit

The New Training Department Starter Kit provides foundational resources that every training department needs.
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The New Training Department Starter Kit, redesigned and re-bundled in 2020, gives you all the training program essentials you need, including special content! Get the basics for training design along with evidence-based training methods while delving deep into project management training, designing and implementing talent development programs, and much more. You’ll save 15 percent on the individual price of each book by ordering this kit!

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Publisher: ATD
Release Date: January 2020
Product Code: 142004

  • Included in This Product
  • Starting a Talent Development Program
    Renowned industry leader and bestselling author Elaine Biech guides you through getting started, designing and implementing your talent development program, demonstrating success, and planning next steps. With Starting a Talent Development Program, Biech poses critical questions that only you and your organization can answer.
  • Project Management for Trainers, 2nd Edition
    Lou Russell offers a structured approach to moving projects from conception to completion. In Project Management for Trainers, you’ll discover how to maintain a clear focus on client goals no matter how many changes they request or how many people get involved. This refreshed second edition also guides you through managing consulting projects and suppliers.
  • Training Design Basics, 2nd Edition
    In Training Design Basics by Saul Carliner, you’ll learn best practices for designing and developing training programs in the real world, as well as tactics to successfully launch and run training programs you’ve designed. You’ll also learn how to adjust design practices along three tiers of effort.
  • Technology for Trainers, 2nd Edition
    With Technology for Trainers by Thomas Toth, you’ll have the guide to start speaking intelligently to e-learning designers and other technical experts about how to turn your design vision into a reality. Technology tips throughout the book help you quickly pick up key concepts and gain a better grasp on the decisions that will get you where you want to go.
  • Evidence-Based Training Methods, 3rd Edition
    Your training is more effective when your methods are based on evidence. In this third edition of Evidence-Based Training Methods, Ruth Colvin Clark offers concrete training guidance as she connects research to practice. New to this edition is the author’s examination of the latest research on feedback, animations, and games.