Apply and Register for the APTD Exam

Instructions for applying for the APTD Exam
Start the Application Process
Follow the directions below to begin the application process for the Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) certification.

Completing the Application

Click here to go to the APTD Application system. If it is your first time in the application system, you may need to complete additional demographic fields and indicate that you are interested in the APTD program.

To do this, select Supporting Requirements and then select Click to Respond, choose Associate Professional in Talent Development and click Submit.

Supporting Requirements ATD Certification

Choose Complete a Form. This will open the Forms Page.

APTD Candidate Application Form

Once there, click on APTD Application.

APTD Application Form

When completing the application, please be sure to fill in all areas as follows:

  • Current Employment Demographics
  • Formal Education
  • ATD Masters Series Program (Exam Waivers) -- if applicable
  • Employment Background
  • Demographic Information
  • Special Accommodations-- if applicable. Note: A written request must be received prior to filling out the application. Send request to Wendy Luikart at
  • Agreements

When you are done, click Submit Form at the bottom of the page. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

Your application will be reviewed by an ATD CI staff member within 5-7 business days. ATD CI Staff will email you with the results of the review and instructions about your next steps.