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Instructional Systems Design : Today and in the Future explores how instructional systems design (ISD) is adapting to the current, fast-changing learning environment and the uncertain future. The learning environment is constantly evolving, with companies operations expanding globally; learners coming from increasingly diverse backgrounds and cultures; and technological advancements constantly changing the ways in which learning occurs. Developing effective programs has always been a challenge: Most companies have ISD programs that are, at best, moderately effective in achieving both learning and business goals. The changes in the world of learning also mean most companies need to be better positioned for the future, modifying the priorities of ISD professionals who will need to add skills and competencies to their repertoire. This report includes valuable results and recommendations to help executives and ISD professionals make strategic decisions about ISD within their organization-for today and the future. Product SKU: 191003 ISBN: 978-1-56286-749-2 Pages: 40 Publ

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ISBN: 9781562867492
Pages: 40
Publisher: ASTD Press
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
Product Code: 191003