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Developing Sales Managers: Activating Sales Performance Through Learning
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Developing Sales Managers: Activating Sales Performance Through Learning investigates whether sales managers are sufficiently equipped to handle their responsibilities, which include managing and developing sales representatives and meeting unit productivity goals, and discusses the role of the talent development function in providing the necessary preparation. This research seeks to establish the daily responsibilities and areas of expertise of sales managers, as well as the skills emphasized in organizations’ sales training curricula. It also looks at the lack of availability of training programs directed specifically at incoming sales managers, and the content of new sales manager training programs in the organizations where it does exist.

A total of 168 individuals responded to the survey. To supplement the survey-based quantitative findings, this report also provides insights gained from in-depth interviews with learning leaders from organizations that provide talent development offerings aimed at ensuring that sales managers are equipped to not only sell solutions, but also to direct, develop, and motivate sales teams.

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