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The Talent Development Executive Confidence Index (TDXCI), formerly the Learning Executive Confidence Index (LXCI), is a quarterly assessment of talent development executives’ short-term expectations for the health of the talent development function in organizations.

The TDXCI is a composite score that takes into account four key indicators for how talent development executives believe the talent development function will change during the next six months:

  • Ability to Meet Talent Development Needs
  • Impact on Corporate Performance
  • Perception of the Value of the Talent Development Function
  • Availability of Resources.

The TDXCI is modeled after the Conference Board Measure of CEO Confidence, which rates CEOs’ expectations for the economy on a quarterly basis.

The Q2 2017 TDXCI score stands at 61.3, which is 0.6 points below last quarter’s score of 61.9.

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