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ATD Forum 2019 Spring Lab: Propelling Culture by Leading Change

The American Airlines Journey to Define and Strengthen Their Culture Post-Merger

Is your organization challenged with a major transformation?

What if this transformation was merging the fifth and third largest airlines into the largest, with more than 90 years of history and 130,000 employees, and moving into a new, highly competitive frontier—traversing unexplored territory where what you did last year is not what you need to be doing now, all while continuing to acknowledge the past while confidently moving toward the future? What is the role of the talent function in the transformation—especially in influencing the culture that defines your competitive advantage?

During the ATD Forum 2019 Spring Lab, you will discover and explore some foundational aspects needed to make the most difficult change—transforming the culture—from members representing a variety of industries. For example, learn how the talent team at the new American Airlines is taking an active role in shaping a culture that focuses on creating a differentiated customer experience in their industry through a differentiated employee experience . . . a customer experience that is caring, easy, connected, and safe.

ATD’s 2017 Culture and Change report states, “In market-leading companies where culture provides the foundation for business success, talent development functions are nearly two times more likely to be highly effective at helping maintain the existing culture when major changes occur.” At this event, learn the strategies Forum members use to create and maintain their desired culture—like learner-centric programs and processes to support the unique needs of diverse employees, aligning with the business strategy, and encouraging leaders at all levels to walk the talk every day. Additionally, participants will practice using consulting skills to assess, understand, and advise customers and clients.

By participating in this event, you will take away the following knowledge to use in your organization:

Attend the ATD Forum 2019 Spring Lab
Join us in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX from February 26-28, 2019. If you have questions, please contact Laleh Patel directly by email at [email protected]
2019 Spring Lab Agenda
  • Introduction to the ATD Forum Lab
    2019 Advisory Group (Optional, but recommended for first time attendees)
  • Lab Launch
    The official start of the 2019 Spring Lab with Networking and Benchmarking Activity (AA Onboarding Process)
  • Welcome
  • Overview
  • Lab Activity: Introductions and Networking
  • Keynote: Thomas Rajan, Director Talent Strategy and People Development
  • Lab Activity: Elevate
  • Nutrition Break
  • Deep Dive: AA’s Big 5 Learning Groups
  • Lab Activity: Serving as Consultants and Business Partners
  • Networking Lunch
  • Zing Round 1: Perspectives on Propelling Culture
  • Pop-Up: Competitive Advantage with Durable Learning - Accenture
  • Nutrition Break
  • Zing Round 2: Perspectives on Propelling Culture
  • Vendor Carousel: Root; BWLI; and Newton
  • Lab Activity: AA Case Study and Feedback
  • Day 1 Reflection Activity: New Insights on propelling a competitive advantage culture
  • Next Steps
  • No-Host Optional Networking Dinner at the CR Smith Museum
  • Welcome, Introductions, and Review
  • Reviewing the Museum Experience
  • Video: Simulation applications
  • Walking Tour for Sims and Runway
  • Lab Activity: Preparing Consultation Presentation for AA
  • Lab Activity: Feedback to AA Team
  • Review and Action Plan Takebacks
  • Preview of the 2019 Fall Lab in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Wrap-Up and Next Steps
  • Networking Lunch
  • Adjourn
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