Infoline Digital Series: Creating & Using Effective Learning Tools
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Infoline Digital Series: Creating & Using Effective Learning Tools

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The latest collection from Infoline, Creating & Using Effective Learning Tools, provides information on selecting the appropriate learning tools, using e-learning technologies, creating effective job aids, and much more! The collection includes six Infoline single issues, delivered in a consolidated and searchable electronic format (PDF).

This collection includes:

How to Select and Use Learning Tools provides descriptions of 11 learning tools organized into three categories: for use in training rooms, for use in and out of training rooms, and for use out of training rooms.

How to Evaluate Instructional Materials presents 20 questions you should ask and answer to make certain the instructional materials, and thus the training, are an effective and worthwhile investment.

Using Job Aids will help you to determine when to use a job aid; select the type of job aid to use; select the right medium; and design, implement, and evaluate the job aid.

Using Web 2.0 Technologies introduces you to available Web 2.0 technologies and offers ways to implement them into your training program.

Creating Training Manuals serves as a roadmap for creating an effective training manual that supports learning and performance.

Using Music as a Training Tool explains the effect of music on the human brain and how to harness those effects to establish a positive mood, minimize negative conditions, aid memorization, enhance reviews, and foster creativity. 

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