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Train the Trainer Volume 4: Measurement and Evaluation: Essentials for Measuring Training Success

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Show the value of training to clients and stakeholders.

Training is often the first item to be stricken from the budget in tough economic times. Yet with increasing global competition and new ways of doing business, including the use of new technologies, training may be as imperative as ever.

Featuring essential new issues, along with evergreen material from TD at Work’s most popular issues, volume 4 of Train the Trainer, Measurement and Evaluation: Essentials for Measuring Training Success, gives trainers the tools to evaluate the success of their learning solution and explain the benefits of training to key stakeholders.

This collection includes 15 TD at Work and Infoline issues, including: 
“Essentials for Evaluation”
“The Four Levels of Evaluation—An Update”
“Using the Experience API to Track Learning”
“Making the Financial Case for Performance Improvement”
“How to Develop Training Quality Standards”
“Blended Learning That Works”
“Creating an Internal Certificate Program.”

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About TD at Work Volumes
Volumes contain the most popular TD at Work issues about a talent development process and can be purchased separately or as part of ATD’s four-volume set. Each volume includes 15 issues, is available in print or PDF format, and serves as a solid foundation for any training department or trainer. The four-volume set consists of 72 percent new content since 2012. 

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