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The complex and changing nature of healthcare makes professional development and growth a necessity and a challenge. Coaching may be the key to helping healthcare professionals navigate this tricky terrain and become curious, courageous, and energized in their pursuit of better care for patients. 

In this issue of TD at Work, healthcare and coaching professionals DJ Mitsch, Mark Greenawald, and Cindi Ackrill explore how coaching can help medical personnel reframe their thinking to prevent burnout while achieving greater success in their work. 

Among the resources in “Coaching in Healthcare,” you will find:

  • tips for building a case for coaching
  • sample coaching questions
  • a coaching journey map
  • descriptions of different types of coaching
  • a self-coaching exercise.


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Thank you, CJ & Dr's 4putting this Publication together! Especially now, during our Pandemic, all Medical personnel are @ Risk 4 Burnout! I do hope you have opened your Minds 2 "Mindful Meditation" in the Workplace. Burnout is major issue! & I do not refer 2 the old notion of "Woo-woo", which needs 2 go away & replaced with "Mindfulness" as has been evidence in the "Healthcare Mindfulness Summit" that took place back in Oct. 2020! Even 2day a RN Supervisor reports a huge need 4 more!
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