Bonus--Overcoming Barriers to Change
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Have you ever worked with a team that was ready for change, but then failed to follow through? Have you ever wondered why some employees fail to apply what they learn in training to their day-to-day work? Perhaps change blockers are in play. In “Overcoming Barriers to Behavior Change,” Juanita Coble and Adélka Vendl identify common change blockers and provide strategies for surmounting them.
This TD at Work issue explains how fear, laziness, and resignation can keep employees from reaching their potential, even when they want to improve. The authors discuss how provocative coaching—or “playing the devil’s advocate while being on the side of the angels”—can help people get past the feelings that are blocking them from making a positive change.
In this issue, you will find:

  • positive and negative aspects of change blockers
  • the six C Steps that promote behavior change
  • stories of organizations that have made change stick
  • strategies for thinking two steps ahead
  • 10 ways to coach provocatively.
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Authors reference coaching and their use of "provocative coaching", give an example of using sarcasm to explore fear in client, and then under "Results" cite meta-analysis by Theeboom, Beersma & van Vianen (2014) that shows that coaching works (even though the study doesn't say anything about provocative coaching). Very misleading.
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