In Focus

In Focus is a section of custom content centered one of four topics that you’ll find quarterly in TD magazine. All four versions of In Focus are published online here, in the ATD Publications app, and in the digital edition of the magazine.
  • By Dana Dupuis. For trainers and facilitators, your secret weapon is your ability to understand how your learners listen.
  • By Jonathan Halls. Your job as a trainer isn’t to present the content but to help participants learn it.
  • By Travis Waugh. The motivation for change.
  • By Matthew J. Daniel. Personas, journey maps, and usability studies can help you identify with and create training programs for your learners.
Make Your Selection
ATD members can select the type of content—training delivery, instructional design, measurement and evaluation, or learning technologies—they want to see in the In Focus custom section of their print TD magazine (February, May, August, and November issues).