In Focus

In Focus is a section of custom content centered one of four topics that you’ll find quarterly in TD magazine. All four versions of In Focus are published online here, in the ATD Publications app, and in the digital edition of the magazine.
  • By Suzanne Hill. Case-based learning and assessments bring practicality to training programs.
  • By Connie Malamed. Follow these best practices for teaching concepts in learning experiences.
  • Kristopher J. Newbauer. Rethink the ADDIE model by adding evaluation criteria after analysis.
  • By Shelby Danks. Integrate performance-based rubrics with retrospective pretests to measure complex change.
  • By Myra Roldan. Voice-controlled devices have a place in L&D.
  • By Guy Sellwood. Smartphones and tablets facilitate experiential learning in the flow of work.