Technical Requirements for Rapid Video Development Certificate

The Rapid Video Development for Learning Certificate Program requires you to bring a laptop with specific video editing software installed and provision to load audio and video content. We will provide the cameras.

Workshops like this can be easily impeded by technical problems. But we’ve found that when people are prepared we have no problems. So, a prerequisite of this course is making sure the laptop you bring with you has the right software installed on it and that there are no security protocols which would prevent you loading video footage that you shoot, onto the laptop.

Specific Requirements

  • Laptop – it can be PC or Mac.
  • Laptop functionality – needs to have functional SD car or USB port
  • Software – Techsmith Camtasia. Many trainers already have this software on their laptops. If you do not have this software, you can buy it online or download the trial version.

ATD will provide a lightweight digital camera, tripod, and microphone for you to use in small groups.

Here are some common questions people ask us as they prepare for the Rapid Video Development for Learning Certificate Program.

  1. Why are you using Techsmith Camtasia? What about Premier, Vegas, or Final Cut?
    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what editing software program you use when you make video, so long as you shoot good pictures and cut them together to tell a story. You can do this in Premier, Vegas, Final Cut, or Movie Maker. However, these and the other mid-range editing programs are highly complex and can take one or more days to learn from scratch. Whereas Camtasia is quick and easy to learn. Plus, many trainers already use it for screen casts. This certificate program is not a software class – it’s about making video. So, we want to avoid getting bogged down learning software. We need editing software that’s quick and easy for trainers learn that doesn’t compromise the core editing functions you need. So, we chose Techsmith Camtasia. It fulfills this need plus many trainers already know how to use it.
  2. Can I use another software program like Premier, if it’s on my laptop?
    This certificate program is software agnostic. All we care is that you have the tools and skills to cut together the video that you film during class. We can only to teach one software package in the class - ever heard of a class that teaches both Gmail and Outlook?. Our choice, as explained above is Camtasia because it’s quick and easy to learn. We cannot commit to teach or support other software during this class. However, if you are experienced with another video editing program and do not need instruction in it, we’re happy for you to use it. But if you run into a problem while using another program, we cannot guarantee to provide the support you need. Please think carefully about whether you use your own editing software or not.
  3. Why do I need functioning SD or USB port?
    Most laptops come with a USB and SD card port. However, IT departments will often disable them for security reasons. If you are bringing a work laptop, please check with your IT department whether you can load media content via the SD and USB ports. You will be shooting video, during this class. The cameras record each shot onto an SD card. You will import that video into your laptop to edit. So if your computer’s SD and USB ports are disabled, you will not be able to complete the editing.
  4. Can I use my own camera?
    You are welcome to bring your own video camera. However, just as with the option of using your editing program, we cannot guarantee to provide instruction or support in its use. Instruction will be provided on the cameras ATD provides. We will endeavor to help you apply these techniques but our first priority will be helping participants using the provided cameras.
  5. Will I be going outside the classroom?
    You’ll be creating a video project on the second day of the class. You may do this individually or team up with another participant. Depending on the topic of your video, you may choose to shoot some footage outside the classroom. So, come prepared with comfortable shoes and warm clothes if the weather is cold.