Adrian Stevens

 As Vice President of Talent Management at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Adrian is responsible for evolving HPE’s talent architecture into a cohesive and effective ecosystem that supports both team member and business growth. Core areas of responsibility encompass Succession Planning, Strategic Skills, Assessment, Onboarding, Role Transitions and Careers. 

Since the launch of HPE in 2015, Adrian has facilitated the development of HPE’s leadership model, digital learning transformation and people strategy. 

Prior to the launch of HPE, Adrian led the Hewlett Packard (HP) Learning & Development separation management office, contributing to one of the largest and fastest corporate separations to-date and the successful stand up of learning ecosystems for both HPE and HP Inc. 

Before pursuing a passion for people and a move to join Learning & Development, Adrian led business and go-to-market teams covering sales, marketing, and business operations within HP’s Enterprise, SMB & Consumer organizations. 

Beyond HPE, Adrian is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Systems initiative focused on the Future of Education, Gender and Work as well as the WEF IT Consortium.  

While residing in San Francisco’s bay area, Adrian has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific, contributing to his belief in the strength of cultural diversity across global organizations like HPE.