Andres Villalobos

I am a dedicated and reliable, bilingual, training, operations and communications professional with 15+ years of proven track record of successful organizational leadership, management, and organizational development (Government & Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Bioscience).

As Corporate Trainer and multi-site Operations Manager, I have successfully led multiple projects and locations in the United States (US), started businesses in new markets, and assisted management and quality teams throughout multiple US locations. 

As Corporate Communications Manager for various government and non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico (US), I have extensive experience in internal and external communication, marketing, strategies, tactics, crisis and reputation management, and public and media relations. 

Throughout my career as an Organizational Leader, I have managed teams with a great emphasis on development, coaching, open communication, active listening, and positive working relationships. These areas create a great environment where results and efficiency are demonstrated at the highest level.

I am passionate about corporate training, business operations, organizational development, organizational and cultural change, adult learning, customer experience and engagement, and employee development.

Specialties: operations management, multi-site operations and quality management, business development, change management, training and development, adult learning, EHS management, quality and regulatory compliance, strategy, policy analysis, policy change, employee development, corporate communications, marketing, media relations, crisis management, communications management, employee communications, public affairs, community outreach. 

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. You can also reach me at [email protected]

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