Angela Walker

Angela Walker is the Founder and Owner of The Walker Group – a Training and Development Company. An inspiring public speaker, Angela is sought out to convey her expertise and knowledge. In her training role, she delivers effective solutions at the macro-  and micro- levels. In a corporate training, she focuses on effecting positive change within the corporate culture, while motivating and enriching the individual lives of those who attend.


Honored to share her genuine love for people, Angela enjoys communicating her wisdom and know-how with audiences as a Speaker and Trainer, and individually as a Coach. Her deepest hope is not just to motivate participants, but to inspire them to rise to a higher level.


“It is important to maximize your journey, wherever you find yourself.  Determine where you want to go, chart your course, and move forward with joy, laughter and love.”

(Angela Walker)


Angela’s contagious enthusiasm and humor engages her clients. By creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, clients relax and participate more freely in the learning experience, which galvanizes results.


Enthusiastic, enjoyable, fantastic, great, helpful, informative, and knowledgeable are just some of the words that clients use to describe Angela. Through perseverance, she has overcome great obstacles in her life. The lessons she learned, hard-won though they were, propel her to the success she now enjoys. No matter the circumstance, Angela is steadfast about keeping integrity and honesty as her foundation.


In her free time, Angela enjoys traveling, reading, and the serenity of spending time outdoors. Family is especially important to her and she resides with her husband and daughter in Illinois.