Belkys Stallings

Hi, everyone! My name is Belkys Stallings, I joined ATD in 2014. 

For those of you who know me, you know I geek out when talking about the learning aspect of my job. That’s because I love learning. I work with an excellent team of professionals to design educational training for departments across the company. Seeing the impact that fun, new education has had on employees is truly amazing. But learning is only half of what I do. I also help employees develop in their careers, whether that be finding ways to make their job easier, helping them to take the next step, or make a career change within the company. Employee development is very rewarding and benefits the whole company. 

My career is only a portion of who I am. Here’s a little more about what makes me, Belkys. I love to travel at least twice a year. My bucket list consists of Bora Bora, Machu Pichu, and Australia. I love food (who doesn’t) and will drive wherever I must for a great meal. I have two Chihuahuas, Luna and Dulce. Dulce is a lover, and Luna is 3lbs of boss lady. I love them. I am afraid of dark water and won’t go in if I can’t see the bottom. That means no swimming in Jax Beach. My best friend and hero is my dad. I love to collect family photos and wine. Craziest thing I’ve done. 1. Run into a burning building while I was a New York City Fire Fighter Cadet, 2. Skydive, and 3. Street racing motorcycles Vroom! Vroom! 

Want to know more about my work credentials, feel free to connect with me, make sure to mention one fun fact when you send the request. I love linking with passionate people. What are you passionate about? 

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