Ben Locwin
Dr. Ben Locwin has been a frequent collaborator with ATD, including as a member of the Advisory Board for the Healthcare Community of Practice.

He is a behavioral neuroscientist and author of a wide variety of scientific articles for books and magazines, as well as an acclaimed speaker. He is an expert media contact for the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and a committee member of the American Statistical Association. He also provides expertise to organizations on human learning and performance, and advises on a range of business, healthcare, clinical, and patient concerns.

He is an author, an international speaker, and has hired over 1,000 people in many high-criticality roles. Says Dr. Locwin, “I have refined my approaches empirically, using deep humility to challenge long-held beliefs and preconceptions that plague these aspects of the people-centered discipline.”

Follow him on Twitter: @BenLocwin.