Benjamin Cardenas

Ben embodies the "lifelong learner." As a Learning and Development specialist, he finds ways to improve the skills of others. Ben has spent most of his professional career in the banking industry, serving over 13 years in banking and over ten years in leadership positions. During his career, he has held various positions in retail banking management, customer service, learning and development, project management, branch banking operations, leadership development, and public speaking. He understands that no one is an end-product and continuously looks for creative ways to engage others in skill building, in and out of the classroom. 


Ben is a great leader who is strong at motivating, teaching, and developing people. His passion for learning and development - both on a personal and professional level - is both inspiring and commendable. Ben has a real passion and commitment to adult learning. As a Talent Development Professional, he finds ways to improve training programs and works effortlessly to deliver an impactful training experience. He has a keen eye for program redesign to ensure blended learning across the organization. Ben's professional mission is to help empower every professional to communicate with confidence, recognize their strengths, and add value to their organization.


On his spare time, Ben loves to spend his time with his family. He has two daughters who are active in Volleyball and Soccer. He also enjoys cooking and baking; his culinary educational experience serves him well while hosting dinner parties.



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