Benjamin Cardenas

My name is Benjamin Cardenas; I go by Ben. I am a happily married man, I have been with my husband for three years and been married for one year. We have two beautiful daughters, Natalie 12 and Emma 9. They are my biological daughters, and they are my pride and joy. My family is my number one motivator for everything that I do in life. I am a risk-taker, and I am not afraid of a challenge. I believe that life is full of lessons to be learned after all that's how we become stronger and more knowledgeable. I love to spend as much time with my family, I give my daughters my undivided attention and like to keep them active. Their biological mother and I share joint custody. She and I have a dynamic and healthy parenting relationship.

I am a Leadership Development Specialist in the health care industry. I have spent most of my professional career in the banking industry, serving over 13 years in banking and over ten years in leadership positions. Most recently I have transitioned into the Health Care industry expanding my talent development knowledge and leadership development skillset. During my career, I have held various positions in retail banking management, customer service, team leadership, learning and development, project management, adult education, branch banking operations, leadership development, and public speaking.

I enjoy working with professionals and assisting them to further develop their skills to become stronger and more effective leaders.

As a Leadership Development Specialist, my mission is to help empower every professional to communicate with confidence, recognized their strengths, and add value to their organization.

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