Benjamin Papa

Our three core services are:


COACHING I coach business leaders (including C-suite executives) and other professionals to maximize success by strengthening resilience, optimizing interpersonal effectiveness, and deepening self-awareness.  They learn to manage conflict skillfully, communicate clearly, and collaborate in ways that support innovation and problem-solving even in the midst of complexity. I also coach leadership teams, including boards of directors, to fully leverage their collective leadership abilities on behalf of their organizations by developing a dynamic team culture based on trust, clear communication, and collaboration. Building from this solid foundation of connection, team members with disparate interests are able to align behind creative solutions to seemingly intractable business and other problems. 


WORKSHOPS Having developed and delivered workshops and trainings at the local, regional, national, and international levels, including the American Bar Association and International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, I lead dynamic, enlightening (and fun!) workshops on topics related to collaboration, conflict management, and a wide variety of topics on using the Enneagram as a powerful professional development tool. 


MEDIATION  I leverage my eighteen years of practicing law and mediation to help individuals and teams move through conflict effectively, including having difficult but needed conversations, in order to maintain important business relationships.