Charles Fred
Charles Fred is a bestselling author and serial entrepreneur. He has devoted nearly four decades of his life to discovering new ways for professionals to acquire the skills necessary to compete in industries undergoing major transformation. Considered a pioneer in the e-learning industry, he has founded and led several successful companies that provide learning technologies and services. His bestselling book, Breakaway, is credited with introducing a new framework for organizational learning.

In 2000, Fred founded the Breakaway Group to improve how healthcare providers learn and adopt new technologies. Xerox acquired the Breakaway Group in 2011 and in the process, he became president of its healthcare group, providing technology and services worldwide.

Today, Fred focuses on the leadership role of second-stage entrepreneurs and their ability to create sustainable enterprises. TrueSpace, a firm he co-founded with his daughter Jamee, provides crucial know-how and capital for entrepreneurs aspiring to grow and reach the middle markets.

Twitter: @charlesfred
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