Coline Son Lee
Coline loves and collects hats. So, it’s no surprise she wears them literally and figuratively. Some of the hats she’s worn include au pair, tutor, retail manager, production manager, procurement and logistics manager, coach, software analyst, trainer, business owner, and project manager. As a quality analyst at a software development company, Coline’s acute attention to detail caught the glitches and bugs before they found the customers. Wearing her hard hat in her role as procurement and logistics manager, she was there to make sure that everyone had what they needed just-in-time during the construction and commissioning of the $500M Titan Methanol plant, which at completion was the world’s largest capacity plant of its kind.  Coline was there for civil engineers, hospital administrators, academic professors, training directors and construction managers to bring their projects home and guide their success, wearing her project manager hat. Of all these, learning strategist and instructional designer are, by far, Coline’s favorite hats. These hats let her explore her creativity. She loves to use social media to expand her skills, as well as extend training programs into the virtual community. With her love of technology, she’s always exploring creative ways to introduce its use in the classroom, helping to bridge the gap between learners and content. Since turning all of her talents and experience to workplace development, she has helped local, national and global organizations discover new processes, new skills and new successes. Coline, originally from Trinidad, is an island girl who has made Southern California her home.  She loves to share her island culture by cooking traditional Trinidadian cuisine and playing steel pan and calypso music for her friends.  Coline also dabbles in photography and loves to travel. Her quirky hobby of collecting hats – baseball hats, driver caps, sombreros and fedoras – always has her on the lookout for a new one to add to her collection. Coline is currently general partner of Everest CS, a consulting company that provides workplace learning support, such as strategic analysis of training programs, learning needs analysis and instructional design for classroom and online learning.  She works with global Fortune 500 organizations to deliver programs that are fun for the learners and hit business objective targets.
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