Dana AlBuarki

In 2009, Dana got her bachelor degree in Accounting from the University Of Bahrain followed by Master Degree in Business Administration from Ahlia University in 2013. As a MBA fulfillment requirement, her graduation Dissertation was about “The Corporate Governance and its impact on the level of disclosure and transparence in accounting information – Empirical study in Bahrain”.

As a part of herself and career development, she attended many professional courses in the fields of Leadership, Human Resources Management, Quality assurance, and Learning & Development; she is a certified Trainer, Coach, ROI practitioner as one of ten Bahrainis who got this certification from the ROI Institute in the US, and a Quality Assurance Internal Auditor.  

In 2013, she joined The Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) as Training Program specialist in the Learning and Development Directorate and on 2018 she was promoted as a Head of Training Design and Development.

During the past 5 years in BIPA, she created training standards and policies for Design and Training Solutions section in the Learning and Development Directorate.  Also, she designed all the programs across the National Leadership Development Program which is a package of a series of leadership programs adopted by the Civil Service Council of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a standardized national policy and strategy for training in the public sector.  As well as designing other learning events such as webinars, e-learning courses, etc.                              

In the research area, Dana participated in various conferences around the world as a researcher and public speaker in the field of public administration, learning and leadership. 

As a volunteer, she participated in many Youth leadership programs by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Bahrain such as Youth City 2030 and other cultural exchange programs such as the Culture exchange program In Tunis and The International Visitor leadership program by American Embassy.