Dave Lee

Bridging the gap between existing and emerging learning technologies and methodologies to assure greater business outcomes, effective learning, and efficient creation and delivery of learning experiences in the modern workplace.  

Developing new models for creating multi-faceted learning experiences and the supporting technology eco-system needed in the modern workplace.

I offer:

  • Foundational knowledge of current adult learning theory, instructional design methods, individual to program evaluation principles, project management and managing and budgeting learning organizations.
  • Deep background evaluating, implementing, and using Social Learning technologies (beginning with Web 2.0 tools) and how they can impact learning.   
  • Working knowledge of the xAPI industry standards for learning data interoperability and how it enables deeper analysis of all learning experiences – where ever they happen.  
  • Utilization of learning analytics at all levels measure the impact of learning on business outcomes, the effectiveness in changing employee behaviors and knowledge, and the efficiency of the learning function.
  • Ability to lead in growth and change environments in times of high ambiguity when others are confused about what to do.  Transformation is exciting and leads us to stretch into new roles and opportunities.
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