Diana Damron
Diana Damron is a former television anchor who today works with organizations to create, grow, and maintain cultures of trust. Described by her clients as “the human whisperer,” Diana has made it her mission to take on the toxic workplace and replace it with a culture of trust.

What makes Diana’s work unique is that she knows the pain and costs of a workplace built on distrust and incivility. Finding herself a target in a toxic workplace, Diana survived, but certainly did not thrive. Today, she is dedicated to cleaning up and wiping out the pollution of bad behavior and its effects on organizations and the people in them.

Diana is the author of Civility Unleashed: Using Civility to Survive and Thrive in the Workplace and its companion, The Civility Workout: Your Personal Guide to Unleashing Civility in the Workplace. Civility Unleashed has been described as the "how to" book for business leaders who want to foster a work environment where talented people can flourish.

As a broadcast journalist Diana’s been in the spotlight and in the trenches and one lesson that she loves to share with coaching clients is to not take yourself too seriously. After all this is the woman who walked right off the runway at a national modeling competition at New York’s Waldorf Astoria and into the laps of startled members of the audience.

Along with her TEDx Talk, Diana has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Southwest Airlines’ LUV Lines, and in television and radio interviews nationally.