Donna McGeorge
Donna McGeorge is a passionate productivity coach with modern time management strategies designed to enhance the amount of time we spend in our workplace. In short, she makes work work.

With more than 20 years of experience working with managers and leaders throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific, McGeorge delivers practical skills, training, workshops, and facilitation to corporations—such as Nissan Motor Company, Jetstar, Medibank Private, and Ford Motor Company—so they learn to manage their people well and produce great performance and results.

McGeorge CV reads like her eclectic record collection: manager of theatre, sports, and concert tours for the UK-based Keith Prowse; Asia–Pacific organizational development manager for Ford Motor Company in Shanghai, China; as well as roles at Telstra, Qantas, Ernst & Young and Ansett.

As a captivating, upbeat, and engaging resource on time management and productivity, McGeorge has been featured on The Today Show and on radio interviews across Australia, and she has written for publications including The Age, Boss Magazine, Smart Company, B&T Magazine, and HRM.

With a core belief that workplaces are complex, but not hard, McGeorge demonstrates how getting the simple things right will have the greatest impact. She also knows that when we decide to be intentional, we surprise ourselves with what we can achieve.

The 1-Day Refund is the third book in McGeorge’s It’s About Time series. With The 25-Minute Meeting, you’ll learn to give your meetings purpose and stop them wasting your time; with The First 2 Hours, you’ll find the best time of the day to do your most productive work; and with The 1-Day Refund, you’ll discover how to give yourself the extra capacity to think, breathe, live, and work.