Greg Howard
Professional Background Career Overview: Professional Trainer/eLearning Specialist federal contractor for US Department of State. Recent past performance includes work with several agencies including DHS, DOE, DOE and DOD along with technology roles in the private section as well in the past. Highlight of my prior technical training experience revolved around performing software training overseas at US Embassies and Consulates abroad for foreign service officers and locally employed mission staff on consular apps and technical systems training for the information officer staff. I work with several eLearning development and virtual training collaboration platforms and I am always open to learn about new apps that could be beneficial to the line of work in eLearning. I genuinely enjoy helping other with their professional development as it pertains to learning opportunities. I feel people are the most important asset to an organization and its why I am passionate about always providing excellent customer service and treating/valuing our workforce. Hoping to connect with other like minded professionals in the world of learning and possibly others that share some of my passions and interests! Personal Background: Hobbies include: -     world & domestic travel (visited 68 countries so far and travelled over two million total air miles) -     world cultures & food -     the world of aviation (including discovering amazing/unique airports) -     cars & technology -     volunteering/assisting various causes/charities/orphanages domestically and globally when/as permissible.