Julie Stoltman

A graduate of the University of Rochester and the London School of Economics, Julie’s career has spanned legislative affairs, government, and social enterprise. As a leadership, strategy, and organizational development consultant, she works across sectors to elevate organizations and empower people.

At MacDonald Boyd & Associates (MBA), Julie focuses on designing change management initiatives, strategic planning, growing the next generation of leaders and embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of organizations. Julie is a trainer on Equity Impact Assessments, which are tools for public authorities to advance equity in policy, program and budget decision-making, and a facilitator for mid-career professional coaching cohorts. 

Julie served as Deputy Director at Northwest Center, a social enterprise focused on serving people with disabilities, where she developed and scaled one of the largest disability employment programs in the US. Prior to moving to Seattle, WA, Julie served as a policy advisor to the Minister for Women & Equalities in the United Kingdom, where she led work to advance family economic security, women’s entrepreneurship, and diversity in corporate boardroom appointments.