For twenty-nine years, Kenyon Boswell has served his organizations as transformational leader. Kenyon was a retail store manager for one of the fastest growing retail companies in the 1990’s. He has spent the past 21 years transforming public education in three school districts in Texas. Currently, Kenyon serves the 209,000 scholars and 30,000 employees in Houston Independent School District, the seventh largest school system in the United States. Now, more important than ever, Kenyon believes in inspiring and transforming his audience and their learning experience to continue well beyond the training session. Kenyon understands that their learning must be personal and relevant to their role in the organization.   

Under Kenyon’s leadership, Kenyon’s team accomplished a successful training in an SAP-reimplementation. Training 30,000 HISD employees. In 2020, Kenyon’s team was a partner to a student information system implementation. The traditional method of training and delivery of this system had to be converted to a total virtual experience due to COVID-19. Kenyon’s team successfully trained 14,500 teachers remotely on a new gradebook in an eight-week period using Microsoft TEAMS and approximately 29,000 total across various roles in the student information system. 

Kenyon has served the following roles in his career, Customer Service Representative, Bank Teller, Assistant Store Manager, Retail Store Manager, Microcomputer Analyst, Help Desk Representative, Service Desk Representative, Service Desk Manager, IT Trainer, IT Training Supervisor, Manager of Administrative Services and IT Training Manager, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Public Speaker, Mentor and Volunteer in Public Schools.

Kenyon graduated Summa Cum Laude in Organizational Leadership from Texas A&M University-Commerce

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