Kate Pinto

Hello T & D Community!!

My name is Kate Pinto. I am a Training Specialist with FirstBank in Colorado. I have been in the T & D field for about a year and could not be more excited about it! I have been interested in and drawn to "teaching" from a young age, but always gravitated towards business. I am thrilled to be able to combine both of those passions.

In addition to facilitating approximately 15 different courses, I have been assigned the role of Instructional Designer along with one other colleague. He and I are now responsible for evaluating our course library and making sure the course are designed or redesigned with the advancements made in the field in mind. While it is a large responsibility and a lot of work, I am incredibly excited for it.

I graduated from the University of Colorado - Boulder with a BA in Anthropology. While my educational background does not directly relate to Training & Development, I can easily make a connection as to why I am so interested and passionate about this field. I love people, learning about people, and discovering what makes them tick. I have studied people for years and now I get to apply those skills in my career. In my spare time I am a volunteer with the Denver Zoo and I spend a lot of time with my 2 dogs (outside if weather permits). I love to travel, cook and learn about this electrifying field!


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