Laila Al Nahawi

Learning is life; that’s my approach. We all belong to the learning arena; however, one that is of our interest. Learning; therefore, is inherent, in my opinion.

I started my career in the world of Retail Banking and later moved into Business Banking and specialized in the SME market, where I have been exposed to Business Banking products at multiple levels; product development, testing, launch, growth and revenue.

With my experience and people management skills, I naturally progressed as a Training Specialist, where I devised and delivered training programs to the various audiences within Business Banking.

On the soft skills side, I am interested in human psychology and enjoy working closely with people in helping them understand themselves better, export their potential and work efficiently with teams. My passion for psychology and peoples’ behavior has lead me to become an ‘MBTI’ Certified Practitioner.

Actively improvising training methods through fun and practical applications, and blending both technical and soft skills aspects. A firm believer of integrating training with business through regular and continuous interventions.

Personally, I love working with the youth and am an active volunteer supporting high school and college students in preparing them for the corporate world.

We cannot force people to learn, but we can, and it is our duty, to provide a suitable learning environment where people will willingly and naturally indulge in learning. Creating that environment is my objective every day.

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