Lara Boeck

Feb 8. 2021: I'm Lara Boeck, co-manager for a Leadership Development program offered by my agency, part of USDA. I've been with our Training and Org. Development staff for almost three years, but before that for most of my career, I worked as a librarian (sci-tech, using my Biology degree). I completed the atd Training Certificate in 2019, and am about to begin the ISD cert course.

I am a Maryland native, grew up outside of Washington, DC, currently in Annapolis but looking forward to moving back closer to DC later this year, hopefully. I am a single parent to two college students, my son is a freshman at UMD College Park, living with me this year due to COVID, my daughter is a sophomore at Temple Univ. in Philadelphia (love Philly! :-)). When I'm not working, I enjoy being outdoors, love to sing or just listen to music, keep up with the news and learn about whatever fascinating topics pops up each day, engage in deep discussions with friends, cook, and once things finally start opening up again, can't wait to get back to attending live theater and other events, visiting museums, eating out, and making new connections and new discoveries wherever I land!

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