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Lee Mun Wah
Lee Mun Wah is a Chinese American documentary filmmaker, author, educator, community therapist and diversity trainer. For more than 25 years he was a resource specialist and counselor in the San Francisco Unified School District. Lee Mun Wah is now the executive director of Stirfry Seminars & Consulting, a diversity training company that provides educational tools and workshops on issues pertaining to cross-cultural communication and awareness, mindful facilitation, and conflict mediation techniques. Thousands of people from government and social service agencies, corporations and educational institutions have taken Lee Mun Wah’s workshops. His most famous film about racism, The Color of Fear, won the Gold Medal for Best Social Studies Documentary. In 1995, Oprah Winfrey did a one-hour special on him. His book, Let’s Get Real about Racism, and film, If These Halls Could Talk, dealing with college students and their perspectives on racism, were most recently released.