Lisa Owens

Ms. Owens is a learning expert.  She applies learning sciences to create training programs which move business forward.


Lisa founded Training Design Strategies LLC (TDS) in 2012, following her retirement from Procter & Gamble, as an avenue to work with the doers and the movers of the world to help them achieve their goals through the power of training.  She is an author, consultant, and speaker.


At Procter & Gamble, Ms. Owens shifted from more than a decade as an engineer, to become P&G’s leading training professional (1994–2011). As a sought-after internal training consultant and coach for executive trainers, she created global learning programs -- including GM Colleges for two CEOs, corporate universities, enterprise-wide e-learning, new hire onboarding, and covered a wide range of topics (statistics, stage-gate project management, quality assurance, time management, trainer training, etc.) She implemented systems not only for training governance, but also for enterprise-wide open job posting, LMS's, and employee surveys. She designed for classrooms (live and virtual), was an early adopter of e-learning and performance support. She even used "remote presence" robots to accomplish key learning programs around the world.


Lisa works with clients with  national and international footprints. She was an online instructor for Ohio University for instructional design, and was on the Executive Advisory Board for GC-ATD for multiple years.

Her publications include Leaders as Teachers Action Guide (2014, ASTD), Lo start-up di una Corporate University (Italian), and Your Career: How to make it Happen (2016, Cengage Learning). She is a contributing author for Active Training: A Handbook of Techniques, Designs, Case Examples, and Tips (2015) and 101 More Ways to Make Training Active (2015).


Lisa holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (1977 Georgia Tech), and Masters in Education (1996 UC).  She worked at the Savannah River nuclear facility (’72-76), joined P&G as a Process Start-up Engineer in 1977, and shifting to full-time training in 1992.  She is married (37 years), with two sons, daughter-in-law and grandchildren.  She has been active in church education and was the lead instructional designer for the Boy Scouts of America’s nation-wide youth leadership training multi-day programs (NYLT, NAYLE and Trainer’s EDGE).  She continues with youth leadership work through China Capable Teens. 


Lisa’s mission in life is to help the world’s leaders and achievers go beyond their dreams through the power of training.  Her training philosophies include the following:

“When learners walk out of the classroom door, what will they do differently? That’s what counts!”


“Learning happens in the head. If you don’t let learners talk, how will you know if they learned anything?”

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