Lynette Steinburg


Lynette Van Steinburg brings her experience as a leader, educator, and transformation specialist to support individuals and organizations in increasing their virtual effectiveness by using strategies and methods that are an amalgamation of nearly 20 years’ experience. She maintains that virtual interactions don't have to be difficult, but they do require a different approach; by changing your behavior, you can improve your experience and your outcomes.

Lynette has been fortunate to work with clients such as Nike, T-Mobile, CN, BC Hydro, and Alpha Technologies, bringing excellence and thoughtfulness to their corporate landscape during times of change.

Since 2009, she’s done it all from her home office on her family's cattle ranch in Southeastern British Columbia, Canada. She believes that if she can do it virtually, you can too! Lynette is passionate about helping people improve their virtual interactions one person, team, and organization at a time. Learn more at