Malcolm Carter

International Training/Curriculum and Organizational Readiness Leader with 20 years of experience in training/learning, curriculum management, relationship management, sourcing and change management/communication. Diversified and extensive experience with leading teams and towards proven and comprehensive business success. Working collaboratively with Global/Fortune 500 companies. PhD candidate in Organizational Development and Leadership, specializing in Corporate Training and E-Learning.
- Directed relationship of teams/clients through multi-million dollar successful enterprise asset management, enterprise human resource technology, and enterprise mobile initiatives for effective performance solutions for clients.
- Designed, developed, and taught curriculum courses to corporations around procurement and sourcing through enterprise asset management applications. These courses taught sourcing managers how to review existing master and associated contracts with suppliers, renew contracts, review requisitions, and creating and completing purchase orders.
- Worked in various aspects of corporate leadership and developed strategies for clients, including indirect, strategic, global, and corporate sourcing.
- Designed and developed curriculum, training guides, and various web-based courses and solutions for various learning management systems and course schedules and led learning/training affecting several thousand employees in North America.
- Assessed enterprise business systems and learning initiatives through in-depth analysis using methodologies to coach and provide feedback through recommendations/solutions for complex training, system design, and organizational readiness and communication.
- Served as primary speaker at national conferences to present and discuss best organizational readiness/learning practices using a blended learning approach.

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