Manuel Cabrera
My name is Manuel Moreno Cabrera

I am Mexican, But I´m living in Brazil since 2014, this is because my wife is from here, and we have a son of 1 year.

Ever since I graduated from graphic design I've worked as a teacher. I love teaching because I love work with people, people has many ideas to be shared, and many point of views and many feedbacks to be done.

I´ve have had several experiences working online facilitating classes and some webinars with people from other countries. The cultural richness that every session the participants give to the virtual space makes me like this kind of job even more. Currently I'm working as a teacher here in Brazil, teaching languages and work as a facilitator online with courses for some platforms like Dropbox.

I´m very happy to share with you this virtual space, know that this space is for you and I'll love to hear your ideas, your experiences and your feedback.

Welcome and let´s have a great program together.