Mark Goodman

Mark Goodman

Current role: Director of North American Industry for Amatrol, Jeffersonville, IN

I work with industry and manufactuirng organizations across North America to develop internalized technical training initiatives. I focus on the identification of core competencies, and then match them to learning objectives that support significant growth in on-the-job capabilities. I work with clients that range in size from small, family owned operations to global, Fortune 500 companies, and see everything from pickles to space rockets.

I have been involved in industry operations for 3 decades and have a strong background in motors, controls, and electro-mechanical apparatus. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Curriculum Design and Corporate Development, along with a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. I enjoy working on projects that succeed in developing customized training initiatives that have a positive impact on both ROI for the organization, and cultural improvements for the associates.

It's important for me to...

·         Be creative, bold and visionary.

·         Be enthusiastic, tenacious, and dedicated.

·         Listen well, and communicate clearly.

·         Be organized, efficient, and punctual.

·         Be an influencer.

·         Motivate, train, coach, enable, and mentor.

·         Work collaboratively and cultivate relationships.

·         Find and provide value in all situations.

·         Define goals and the plans to achieve them.

·         Encourage others to achieve more.

·         Be flexible and willing to learn.

·         Have the courage to continue sailing even though the seas are rough, and no land is in sight.


A little more of what I’m capable of:

·         SaaS services and contract negotiations

·         Sales Team Management

·         Sales Distributor Management

·         Executive business leadership

·         LMS/LXP administration

·         Expert Business Traveler

·         Curriculum and Assessment Design

·         Six Sigma Black Belt

·         Organizational  Development  and Change management

·         Implementation strategies

·         Project management

·         Forecasting, budgets, and accounting systems

·         CRM platforms

·         Public speaking

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