Mary Camuto
Mary Camuto ’s first book, Make the Most of Your Workday: Be More Productive, Engaged, and Satisfied as You Conquer the Chaos at Work, has been published by Career Press. While Mary did not plan to specialize in chaos, this subject became a major focu s when the American Management Association asked her to facilitate a popular course in 2004 called “Managing Chaos: Tools to set Priorities and Make Decisions Under Pressure.”

Mary helps her clients build the connection between an organization’s goals and its culture, leader, and employee training. Her experience working at both the organization and individual levels has formed the basis for her approach to training and also for writing an empowering book for individuals. Make the Most of Your Workday was written to help any individual who longs for a better workday. This book will also benefit teams and leaders through collective strategies, tools, and common language to improve engagement and eliminate some chaos.

Mary founded MC Consulting, a firm specializing in leadership and organization development, training design, and group facilitation services in 2002. Her clients have included individuals, teams, executives in the energy, telecommunications, and healthcare industries as well as nonprofit, legal, local, federal government organizations and government contractors. Mary has designed course material and facilitates for the American Management Association. She is passionate about helping organizations connect the dots between their results and collaborative work cultures, accountability, training, and development. Mary is also dedicated to helping individuals to take charge of their own workday happiness.
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