Mary Reynolds

Over 30 years of experience in administrative assistance, help desk support and as a key contributor in the analysis, design, development and implementation of training programs for software systems of varying size and complexity.  Skills include very strong oral, written and presentation skills; extensive experience in the development of all aspects of the training program – end-user training guides, database elements used during training, training exercises and presentation materials developed using a variety of formats; excellent ability in the use of several documentation development tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver and Captivate; extensive user perspective system knowledge which adds a valuable non-technical point of view during analysis, design and development of system problem fixes and system enhancements; strong experience conducting end-user surveys and data collection for use in the development of contractual deliverables.


Specialties: Administrative Assistance; Help Desk Support; Human Services Domain Knowledge; Training Program Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation; End-User Training; Documentation/Presentation Development; Business Analysis/Peer Review; System Testing; End-user Survey Development and Data Collection; Strong oral, written and presentation skills; Microsoft Project; Microsoft Outlook; Microsoft PowerPoint; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Word; Adobe Acrobat; Dreamweaver, Captivate.