Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson, MA, ACC, coaches, consults and trains teams and leaders to help improve employee relations through organizational culture, communication, conflict management and diversity equity and inclusion. She coaches individuals to improve communication, relationships and confidence in life, public speaking, performing arts and career coaching. She has a passion for helping people better understand themselves and communicate better with others.


Megan has over 10 years of experience in research, training and instructional design on culture and communication in healthcare and other industries. She has created and facilitated trainings and seminars in interpersonal, organizational, and team communication, as well as unconscious bias, diversity, equity and inclusion, conflict management and cultural competence. She has been the keynote and breakout speaker at conferences.


Megan has published articles on communication in healthcare, training, facilitation, organizational and intercultural communication, as well as personal development books. 


Megan Johnson earned her MA in Organizational and Intercultural Communication from DePaul University in her hometown Chicago. And lives in Nashville with her husband, son and elderly cat. She loves writing and performing music with her band, Scale Model