Moe Poirier
Moe Poirier is the founding partner of Shift Facilitation. Together with his team, he’s on a mission to have corporate trainers and facilitators reinvent themselves as change agents and value creators for the organizations they serve.

For 20-plus years, Poirier has honed his craft as a facilitator and an award-winning designer of training. He has a gift for bringing learning to life and fostering collaboration.

His client adventures have led him to some interesting places across North America, as well as in the UK and Saudi Arabia. At home in Canada, Poirier has been a champion for L&D professional standards, leading the Paper to Practice and Virtual Facilitation Excellence programs as an I4PL partner.

At heart, Poirier is an engineer, entrepreneur, and educator. The engineer is purposeful. The entrepreneur is creative. The educator is open.