Mohamed Bahaa Hussein

Since 1988, Bahaa Hussein has been training people across Europe and the CEEMEA regions to become experts in the area of communication, selling skills and coaching in the workplace, positively impacting employees’ performance to reach their maximum potential. His sessions are known to be interactive and depend to a great extent on experiential learning and maximum participants’ engagement, which ensures immediate and effective application of learning. As some participants’ states in their feedback on some of his sessions;

“It was really a great training day, and very different from other sessions I had before. Simple, enjoyable and effective. Thank you Bahaa”

 “The most effective selling & communication program I ever attended “

“First training day I thought I was coming to one of these training sessions with an ordinary trainer that would talk and talk without real impact; however, surprisingly I was engaged from start to end, and it was an amazing experience. I really loved being here.” 


Graduating from the American University in Cairo with a Bachelor in Business Administration and a minor in Political Science, Bahaa Hussein began his career 28 years ago with Procter & Gamble Egypt (P&G), as a van salesman; or as he puts it, “riding a van, roaming the streets of Cairo selling soap.”  He managed to work his way up to become one of the key managers for P&G in the Arabian Peninsula, heading the sales operation in Saudi Arabia.

In 2008, discovering his real passion and interest to genuinely and positively impact peoples’ lives through improved human performance; Bahaa shifted his career to Learning & Development. In 2010 he successfully earned ATD’s Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) becoming one of the 1,300 certified learning & development professionals worldwide and one of their education programs International facilitators.


Currently, Bahaa is the Head of Learning and Development at Abudawood Group responsible for the development and delivery of all training programs across six markets in MEA & APPP regions.  Bahaa continues to bring the same passion he had when he first started as a van salesman back, to delivering impactful training programs that create future leaders & professional performers in his organization as well across the whole region business environment.