Nicole Misencik

As an Instructional Designer, I use my creativity, writing skills, thoroughness,and technology proficiency along with my graduate-level education to help drive organizational success. I bring to the table design sense, deep understanding of the needs of adult learners, and experience documenting and improving business processes. Combined with excellent communication skills, strong attention to detail, and a commitment to bring projects to timely completion, I am driven to contribute to business results through my expertise, skill set, and persistence.


• EDUCATION: Relevant degrees and outstanding academic performance as an undergrad and graduate student at well-respected universities.

• EXPERIENCE: Contributed to employee/staff training and development with varied organizations – commercial, non-profit, and academic institutions. 

• EXCELLENCE: Noted for quality, timeliness, proactive planning, and flawless execution in all roles.

• ENERGY: Drive to deliver on all commitments. Motivation to continually learn new skills to contribute at ever-higher levels.

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