Patrick Bosworth

Patrick Bosworth is one of the best leadership development minds in the Western United States. Using his experience in leadership coaching, communication, and leadership pipeline development, Patrick and his team developed a curriculum and teaching/coaching methods that accelerate the effectiveness of leaders 3x more effectively than traditional leadership training programs.

Patrick is the President of Leadership Choice, a professional training & coaching organization, focused on accelerating the impact and interpersonal effectiveness of your people. Patrick’s pragmatic consultative approach, easy style, and sense of humor allow him to be direct yet say things in a way that people can hear them. He is able to analyze situations and offer up solutions that are insightful, pragmatic, and always focused on results. His business sense and organizational intuition have enabled him to effectively coach leaders at all levels and across a number of industries and sectors.

Prior to founding Leadership Choice, he was Vice President in a global professional services organization, as well as Senior Organizational Consultant and Director of Training and Development in the manufacturing and Professional Services Industry.

Patrick holds an M.S. in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from Lamar University and a B.A. from Arizona State University.